Vaccinations & Lingering Pathogenic Factors (LPF)

Four webinars / Three International Experts

  1. Covid Vaccination (Julian Scott)
  2. Childhood Vaccinations (Julian Scott)
  3. Lingering Pathogenic Factors (LPF) (Will Maclean)
  4. LPF,  Autism and Acupuncture (David Allen)

An essential course covering the history, epidemiology, impact and longer term consequences of global vaccination programs and lingering pathogenic factors.

Pediatric expert Dr Julian Scott as he shares his experience about childhood vaccinations as well as the roll out of the Covid vaccination (recorded in February 2021).

Plus you'll be given downloadable notes

And a Pre and Post Vaccination Schedule protocol: The exact acupuncture points to use before and after a child has a vaccination. 

Course description

Pediatric expert Dr Julian Scott shares his experience about childhood immunizations and covers the history, epidemiology, impact and consequences of vaccination against illness such as Whooping Cough, Mumps and Measles.

In this candid presentation he takes you through mortality and morbidity rates of these illnesses prior to and post immunization programs being introduced in developed countries.

A pragmatic stance about illness and its benefit to the immune system is discussed as well as the treatment approach to ensure the ‘dú’ must come out of the body to release the Shen.

This webinar is to help you understand what you can do to support children before and after immunizations and provides you with a Pre and Post Immunization Schedule protocol.

This is the exact acupuncture points to use before and after a child has a vaccination to reduce harm and potential for ‘lingering pathogenic factors’.


Learning Objectives

◉ Understand the history of childhood immunizations and how the schedule has grown from a small handful to over 30 in the first 12 months of a child’s life

◉ Gain an insight into illness from a TCM perspective post-immunization, with lingering pathogenic factors leading to chronic cough, unsettled behaviors and susceptibility to further illnesses

◉ Learn effective protocols for pre and post vaccination; what you can do to minimize harm.

◉ Receive strategies for explaining vaccinations and lingering pathogenic factors to parents and carers.




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