Acupuncture Now Foundation: Getting to the Point Documentary

An Apple a Day has teamed up with the Acupuncture Now Foundation to bring you their first episode of a documentary series: Getting to the Point.

By showing your support for the Acupuncture Now Foundation's groundbreaking new documentary Getting to the Point, you will join hundred of Acupuncturists world-wide who understand the need for integrating eastern and western medicine.

You have access to

  • Getting to the Point Episode 1: Children of Orange County Hospital (30 mins)
  • Panel discussion with award-winning Director Doug Dearth, Producer Matthew Bauer (President of the Acupuncture Now Foundation), Ruth McCarty CHOC Acupuncturist and Neurosurgeon Dr William Louden (30 mins)
  • Clinical interview with Ruth McCarty - specifically for Acupuncturists (30 mins)

Find out how you can support this initiative in our What You Can Do video at the end.

Please show you support by sharing this link with your acupuncture friends, colleagues and patients.



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