Gentle Needle Technique (4 CEU | PDA | CPD)

Learn Julian Scott's unique child-friendly technique for the free flow of Qi by mastering your intent.


CPD Points or hours

You Get 4 hours CPD / PDA / CEU points or hours, including the introductory webinar.

350+ pages PDF transcript notes to download

Unlimited access for 12 months (watch when you like, where ever you like and as many times as you like - for a whole year).



Learn Julian Scott's unique child-friendly needle technique in this unique online training course. Develop new skills and a greater understanding of when to tonify and when to disperse, using moxa on children and diagnosing strong (Shi) and weak (Xu) children. With video demonstrations and case studies, this inspirational course will help you enhance your clinical acupuncture practice.


  • Introduction
  • Needle Technique
  • Locating the Point
  • Inserting the Needle
  • Arrival of Qi
  • Tonifying, Dispersing & Moving Qi
  • Retaining the Needle & Closing the Hole
  • Using Moxa on Children
  • Other techniques: Lasers & Tui Na
  • Problems you meet in the clinic
  • Recognising Strong and Weak Conditions
  • Case Studies: Photos
  • Hyperactive Spleen Qi Xu
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Summary


Certificate of Completion 4 CPD / CEU / PDA

This course is accredited with the NCCAOM and California Board in the USA, and your certificate of completion is accepted in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

You will need to complete a Quiz Assessment and achieve a 70% pass mark to redeem a Certificate of Completion for 4 CPD / PDA / CEUs.


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