Childhood Food Allergies (2 CPD)

Allergies and intolerances due to Middle Jiao and pathogenic invasion. Underlying vulnerabilities and five element approaches to diagnosis and treatment.


Childhood Food Allergies                                                                                 

This module is based on Rebecca's new book: Treating Babies Children and Teenager, Treating the Illness and the Child which is taking the paediatric acupuncture world by storm as it combines TCM and Five Element perspectives with case studies punctuating the key points. This module extends beyond your role as a practitioner as it will be beneficial as a parent or if you have children in your family.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Why are food allergies so common now?
  • Different types of allergies and intolerances
  • The Middle Jiao and pathogenic invasion
  • Five element approach to diagnosis
  • Treatment and potential challenges

 Video tutorials

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Prevalence

Chapter 3 Case Examples

Chapter 4 Types of Food Allergies

Chapter 5 Introduction to Pathogens

Chapter 6 Five Pathogens

Chapter 7 Underlying deficiencies

Chapter 8 Stages of Food Allergies

Chapter 9 Extra Point for Emergencies



Learning objectives

  • Understand why more children are experiencing allergies than ever before
  • Learn about the challenges when treating complex allergic conditions
  • Understand how to manage complex conditions from a TCM and Five Element perspective 
  • Gain an insight into acupuncture points and  dietary advice to effectively treat childhood food allergies

Increase in Childhood Food Allergies (2007 - 2016)

Childhood food allergies are increasing at alarming rate. Learn from Rebecca how these can be reversed - so that children don't suffer anxiety and social isolation because of their dietary requirements.


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Rebecca is a senior lecturer, clinical supervisor and teaching clinic director at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, UK. Soon after qualifying in 2001, she spent 4 years working alongside and assisting Giovanni Maciocia in the writing of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. In 2012, she founded an acupuncture centre for the treatment of children in Oxford – the Panda Clinic. She teaches paediatrics at undergraduate and post-graduate level, most notably a year-long paediatric diploma at CICM which she took over teaching from Dr Julian Scott.

Certificate of Completion 2 CPD / CEU / PDA

This course is accredited with the NCCAOM and California Board in the USA, and your certificate of completion is accepted in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

You will need to complete a Quiz Assessment and achieve a 70% pass mark to redeem a Certificate of Completion for 2 CPD / PDA / CEUs.


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