TCM & the Teenage Years: Acupuncture for Puberty with Rebecca Avern (10 CPD)

Adolescence is a time of major change - for individuals and parents. This course looks at the teenage years from a TCM perspective and covers:

  • The nature of puberty and adolescence from a Chinese medicine perspective
  • What should happen and what does happen: physiology and pathology in teenagers
  • The key 21st century causes of disease in teenagers
  • The impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  • Practicalities of working with teenagers
  • Teenage anxiety and depression
  • Self-harm

Here is a summary of what you need to know in advance:

Date and times 

  • The classrooms will be 90 minutes: 45 minutes formal presentation and 45 minutes Q&A.
    10am -11.30am London GMT, UK time:
    • Monday 29th April
    • Monday 13th May
    • Monday 3rd June
    • Monday 17th June

Course overview

Session 1 - Monday 29th April

Setting the Scene:

  • The nature of adolescence
  • 5 Element aspects of adolescence
  • Common teenage pathologies - cause and treatment

Session 2 - Monday 13th May

Working with Teenagers and Creating a Smooth Path Through Puberty:

  • Key principles when treating teenagers
  • Early puberty
  • Difficult puberty
  • Establishing a healthy menstrual cycle

Session 3 - Monday 3rd June

The Shen and Teenagers:

  • Talking with teenagers
  • Causes Anxiety and Depression
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health conditions

Session 4 - Monday 17th June

Supporting the most vulnerable teens

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Self Harm
  • "Blocks" to treatment
  • Working with especially vulnerable teenagers

CPD / PDA / CEU Certification

You will be required to complete a quiz assessment and receive a 70% pass mark.

On completion of the course you'll receive a certificate for 10 CPD/ PDA/ CEU points or hours.



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