Covid-19: Children, Teenagers and Families Expert Panel

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Gentle Needle Technique (4 CEU | PDA | CPD)

Learn Julian Scott's unique child-friendly technique for the free flow of Qi by mastering your intent.   CPD Points...

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Vaccinations & Lingering Pathogenic Factors (LPF)

Four webinars / Three International Experts Covid Vaccination (Julian Scott) Childhood Vaccinations (Julian Scott...

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Learn how acupuncture and dietary advice can play a major role in improving the lives of children with ADD and ADHD. ...

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Puberty and Adolescence (10 CPD)

Gain an insight into the psychology and pathology of adolescence: learn effective acupuncture protocols for complex c...

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Teenage Depression (2 CPD)

Course description In this webinar Rebecca Avern, Pediatric Expert from the UK and Author of a new textbook Acupunct...

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Childhood Food Allergies (2 CPD)

Allergies and intolerances due to Middle Jiao and pathogenic invasion. Underlying vulnerabilities and five element ap...

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Master Class: Foundations

Take the first step in fulfilling your dream to start helping babies, children and families. Follow your calling and ...

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Master Class: Chronic Conditions

This course is designed for practitioners who have studies the foundations of paediatric acupuncture - with Julian or...

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Master Class: Advanced

This course is for practitioners seeking high-level advance training and covers chronic and complex conditions that w...

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Top 10 Tips for Treating Children

Glean gems of wisdom from Julian's lifetime of experience and enjoy the top tips share by other world experts: Rob...

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World Experts Panel (2 CPD)

Robin Ray Green, Dr David Miller, Dr Elisa Rossi, Rebecca Avern, Mel Hopper Koppelman, Dr Julian Scott with facilitat...

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Learn the Basics (2 CPD)

Asthma, allergies, chronic infections, insomnia, bed wetting - sick children need your help. Learn how to help famili...

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Bach Flowers for Bed Wetting

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